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LMCE Master Course

(Announcement dated 26/Feb/2018):
From Prof. A. Duda, "Advanced Networking": I put all the course support on my web site:
you are invited to download the notes and have them ready for your use during classes.

(Announcement dated 26/Feb/2018):
From Prof. Pelizza: For the students attending LINGUA ITALIANA PER STRANIERI I: Next class will be on the 28th February from 8.30 to 10.30 Aula C in the Campus. Spread the word, please!

(Announcement dated 14/Feb/2018):
All LMCE new students are cordially invited to the Welcome Day for Erasmus students on Feb 28 2018. For info please contact: Prof. Giovanna Pelizza Italiano per Stranieri - Consulenza Didattica Università degli Studi di Parma Tel. 0521-032379

(Announcement dated 30/Jan/2018):
The Barilla Company is organizing on Campus a job-placement day on March 1st, 2018. Please find all the relevant information HERE

(Announcement dated 30/Jan/2018):
Multiuser Information Theory Course (for PhD and interested LMCE students)

The Department is offering a 6-lecture course by Prof. Giuseppe Caire (TU Berlin, Germany) on Multiuser Information Theory
please find all the relevant information HERE

(Announcement dated 26/Jan/2018):
Italian Language Course for Foreign Students

The languages department (LASS) is offering an italian language course for foreign students (LASS code 1006315).
please find all the relevant information HERE

(Announcement dated 17/Jan/2018):
A tutor is available for students who wish to prepare the IT/DaE exams. The tutor is the PhD student Lorenzo Gaudio (, tel: 0521 906615). He will be available nearly all Mondays till mid May from 10 to 12 am in his office (Scientific Complex, Building n. 2, at the door dial 6615), according to the following schedule:
15/Jan, 22/Jan, 29/Jan, 5/Feb, 12/Feb, 19/Feb, 26/Feb, 5/Mar, 12/Mar, 19/Mar, 26/Mar, 9/Apr, 16/Apr, 23/Apr, 30/Apr, 7/May, 14/May

If you wish to attend a session, please send the tutor an email ( several days BEFORE the date with the topics you wish to discuss, so that he can retrieve the needed teaching material from your course website (he is tutoring for several courses, among which IT).