"Detection Algorithms for Wireless Communications

with Applications to Wired and Storage Systems"

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Wireless channels are becoming more and more important, with the future development of wireless ad-hoc networks and the integration of mobile and satellite communications. To this end, algorithmic detection aspects (involved in the physical layer) will become fundamental in the design of a communication system.

This book proposes a unified approach to detection for stochastic channels, with particular attention to wireless channels. The core idea is to show that the three main criteria of sequence detection, symbol detection and graph-based detection, can all be described within a general framework. This implies that adetection algorithm based on one criterion can be extended to the other criteria in a systematic manner. 

  • Presents a detailed analysis of statistical signal detection for digital signals transmitted over wireless communications
  • Provides a unifying framework for different signal detection algorithms, such as sequence detection, symbol detection and graph-based detection, important for the design of modern digital receivers operating over mobile channels
  • Features the hot topic ofgraph-based detection

Detection Algorithms for WirelessCommunications represents a novel contribution with respect to the current literature, with a unique focus on detection algorithms, as such it will prove invaluable to researchers working in academia and industry and in the field of wireless communications, as well as postgraduate students attending advanced courses on mobile communications.

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Wireless communications will play a major role in future communication systems. In fact, the need of wireless access to the Internet will become increasingly important, and novel network communication paradigms, such as ad-hoc wireless networks or integrated mobile/satellite systems, will be developed in the near future. Detection algorithms will play an important role in the design of efficient wireless communication systems as it will be mandatory to adhere to specific constraints in terms of power consumption and detection speed.

* Includes a companion website featuring a solutions manual, electronic versions of the figures and a sample chapter *

By featuring detection algorithms which can be applied to wireless communications, as well as wired and storage systems such as those relative to transmissions over inter-symbol interference channels, this book will have far reaching appeal. Researchers and practitioners working in wireless and storage system design, both in academia and in industry, will all find it extremely useful.

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