WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS - Master of Science in Communication Engineering

Prof. Riccardo Raheli - E-mail: raheli at unipr dot it - 0521.90.5761 - http://www.tlc.unipr.it/raheli

Course Outline 2019-2020

Restricted Area

Lecture Hours: Monday 10:30-12:30 Room 3, Tuesday 8:30-10:30 Room 1, Wednesday 10:30-12:30 Room 1. Timetable.

Lectures begin 35 minutes past the hour, last 55 minutes and are separated by a short break (e.g., 8:35-9:30 and 9:35-10:30). It is recommended that each attendant be at his/her place in the teaching room before the beginning of each lecture.

Laboratory Sessions: about every month.
First session on Friday 25 October 2019, 10:30-13:00, Location: "Lab. Informatica 4".
Second session on Wednesday 27 November 2019, 10:30-13:00, Location: "Lab. Informatica 4".
Third session on Wednesday 11 December 2019, 10:30-13:00, Location: "Lab. Informatica 4".

It is necessary to hold an account for laboratory access which can be obtained online using the student credentials. All accounts must be fully tested and operational before the first laboratory session.

The University Matlab license entitles all students to full software installation on personal devices (installation help available).

Link to online documentation: http://www.mathworks.com/help/
, Getting Started with Simulink

The laboratory rooms may be used for individual work whenever they are not reserved for other activities.

Office hours: The instructor is available at the end of each lecture, excercise and laboratory session to answer questions on the course content and material. He is also available by his Departement office in the afternoon.

Schedule modifications:
Exam Schedule:

Midterm Exam
Monday 11 November 2019, 10:30, Room "Disegno 2"
Final Exam: Thursday 9 January 2020, 9:00, Room E - Registration deadline (firm): 2.1.20

If interested in a thesis topic, please step forward.