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Alessandro Ugolini visiting Chalmers University of Technology

Alessandro Ugolini will be visiting researcher at Chalmers University of Technology.

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Michelangelo Ricciulli visiting Lund University

Michelangelo Ricciulli will be visiting PhD student at Lund University.

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Visiting PhD student at SPADiC Lab

Hao-Su Zhou, from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing, China, has been a visiting PhD student at SPADiC Lab.

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Alessandro Ugolini receives his PhD

Alessandro Ugolini received his PhD in Information Technology.

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Kick-off of a project funded by ESA

The project "Optimized transmission techniques for SATCOM unicast interactive traffic", funded by ESA, will start in 2016.

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Completed project funded by ESA

The project "Interference management techniques for satellite networks", funded by ESA, has been completed.

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Malek Messai receives his PhD

Malek Messai, visiting PhD student at SPADiC Lab in 2014, received his PhD in Information Science and Technology.

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Marie Curie research proposal funded

Amina Piemontese will join Chalmers University, thanks to a mobility research grant within the Marie Curie Fellowship Programme.

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Andrea Modenini moves to ESA-ESTEC

Dr. Andrea Modenini will be a contractor at European Space Agency - European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESA-ESTEC).

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